April 29, 2017

Need an Estimate? Find Siding Contractors in Grosse Ile Michigan

Is the siding on your home losing it’s luster and looking a bit drab? Many it has damages in areas with cracks in the surface or paint peeling away. The siding on your home is designed to protect the home from weather each and every day and when there is a problem with the siding getting it repaired or replaced can save damages on your home. In orde

Best Man Cave in Michigan: 5 Things Every Man Cave in Michigan Needs

Do you want the best man cave in Michigan? Are you a wife and want to build your husband his very own man cave? It doesn’t matter if you are a man wanting to build a man cave, or if you are a woman, wanting to surprise your dear husband with his very own man cave, Home Pros Michigan is here to help you!…

Siding Contractors in Brownstown Michigan

Giving your home an updated look with new siding is great. With so many different siding choices available today you make a home look absolutely amazing just by adding new siding to it. In order to really make a difference however you’ll want to make sure it’s properly installed and for that you’ll need to find the best siding contractor

Replacement Windows in Downriver Michigan

You look through your windows every day, but do you really notice them? For instance, are any of them cracked or buckling? Are the frames worn? Do they open and close properly? Windows are more than just decorative, they serve several important functions. If they are modern and designed correctly, they let the sunshine peek in first thing in the morning,

Use a Roofing Contractor in Macomb Michigan with a No Leak Guarantee

The roof on your home is designed to protect it from all sorts of threats. From the latest storm that passes through with high winds to the debris that falls on it from trees or kids playing. Whatever the problem with your roof being able to have a roofing contractor in Macomb Michigan that can find and repair your problems is a must.…

Roofing in Ann Arbor Tips to Find the Perfect Contractor

I’m sure you’ve heard radio commercials, television ads, and much more related to home improvement in Michigan. While there are some reputable contractors that go above and beyond when hired there are far more than aren’t as qualified and trustworthy as you may think. Being able to choose the perfect contractor for your home improvement

5 Home Remodel Projects that Add Value to Your Home

When it comes to making the most of your remodel dollars the usual places that people put that money is in the bathroom and kitchen remodel projects. While these two rooms do have some of the best ROI for remodeling there are other things that you can do to add value to your home. In this article I’ll go over some tips on simple home remodel project

Determine If You Need to Replace shingles in Grosse Ile Michigan

The most popular type of roofing material used in Michigan today is the asphalt shingle roof. For decades it’s been the roofing material of choice for many home owners here in Michigan. But despite it’s domination in the roofing industry there can be problems with the roof from time to time. When you suspect a problem with your home’s ro

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