Don’t Ignore These Signs of Water Damage

A cracked ceiling with peeling layer due to water damageAs a homeowner, one of the last things you want to to run across as you walk through your home is water damage. From appliances that overflow to leaking/bursting pipes to roofing issues, even the smallest amount of water can lead to a lot of damage if unnoticed and untreated. Water damage in the home can easily lead to mold and mildew growth over time as well as the deterioration of the structure itself. Sudden water issues, on the other hand, can cause destruction of property and valuables. However, keeping an eye open for the warning signs of water damage can minimize the chances of a more serious issue.

One of the first warning signs of water damage is a musty smell. While your eyes may not be able to detect any issues right away, your nose should be able to. Musty odors are a definitely sign of mold and that means you need to find the source as quickly as possible. Mold not only damages your home and its value but can have serious effects on your health as well. Mold can be controlled by fixing leaks and controlling the humidity levels in the home, among other things.

Water can enter the home through a number of ways such as through walls, floors, windows, cracks and seams. Besides noticing dripping or standing water, there are other visual signs of water damage as well. Some of these include:

  • Water stains on the floor, walls, or ceiling
  • Signs of mold growth such as discoloration or fuzzy areas on walls
  • Floors that buckle, sag or show other signs of being warped and uneven
  • Peeling paint, as water will cause the paint to stop adhering to the walls or ceiling

If you’ve noticed signs of water damage in the Downriver area, contact the experts at Downriver Restoration. They handle all types of damage including water, mold, fire, and storm as well provide 24/7 emergency service. To get started with a free inspection and estimate, call 734-619-7610 or visit

How To Tell It’s Time For A New Roof

a roofer on a roof putting down shinglesWith all the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s not often that we take a close look at our roof. In fact, the only reason it might get our attention at all is when something goes wrong such as leaks or damaged/missing shingles. How do you know if it’s time to take action and would you know whether to repair or replace your roof?

The first question you need to ask yourself is when the last time a new roof was installed. If it’s been two decades or more, it’s definitely time to have someone look at it and provide you with an estimate to replace it. If you live in an area with harsh winters, that time frame may be even shorter as snow and hail cut cut the lifespan of a roof.

Shingles that are buckled and curled may also be a warning sign of a roof in danger. Shingles should flat against the roof and if they are not, they are very likely past their life expectancy. There is a possibility that roof could be defective, which should be left up to an experienced contractor to determine.

Homeowners can also spot trouble issues without climbing up to the top of their home. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends that homeowners conduct their own inspection once per year or every other year. One way to do this is to head to the attic. If you notice light coming in through the attic ceiling or water making its way in, it’s time to call someone immediately.

If your home is in need of a new roof, contact the professionals at Downriver Roofers. This fully licensed company has been in business for more than two decades and proudly services the entire Downriver and surrounding area. For a free roof inspection, call (734) 548-991 or visit

3 Home Improvement Projects You Can Handle Before the Holidays

a house decorated with christmas lights.Believe it or not, Christmas is just three weeks away and before you know it, your house will be filed with family members and friends from near and far. You may be looking around your home wondering how you’ll ever get it ready for so many guests. You may also notice a few things you wouldn’t mind repairing or fixing up before everyone steps foot inside. The good news is that there are a few home renovation projects you can still take on and complete before Santa arrives.

1) Create more kitchen counter space
Who says you can’t give yourself a Christmas present? Everyone would love a little more counter space, especially when it comes time to prepare a big meal. A kitchen island not only gives you more prep space but can double its purpose and value by providing additional seating for family and guests. Adding an island can also provide some extra storage or even some helpful amenities such as a wine cooler or additional sink.

2) Update bathrooms and replace outdated fixtures
No one wants their guests walking into a messy or outdated bathroom. Whether it be a new toilet, a new sink, new hardware, or a little more storage space, updating your bathroom can increase appearance, efficiency, and even value! Storage space can decrease clutter, hide necessities out of plain sight, or keep additional linens nearby if needed. A new toilet or sink, besides looking a whole lot better, can provide better drainage and increase efficiency. Replacing the hardware can give the feel of a remodel at a much lower price point.

3) Freshup up walls with new coats of paint
A new coat of interior paint can do more than just freshen up a room – it can make it feel like a whole new space! You can use bright colors to liven up the place or choose more neutral tones to make the room feel warm and cozy. As an added benefit, you can choose an eco-friendly paint to improve the air quality in your home as well.

Looking to undertake a hassle free home improvement project? Reach out to Ann Arbor’s A2homepros. With over 20 years of experience, they handle just about every home renovation you can think of – from kitchen and bath to windows, master suites, home offices and more! Call     734-548-9910 or visit to get started with a no obligation quote today. Happy holidays!    

Should You Shovel Your Roof Yourself This Winter?

Removing snow from the roof in winterWith snowfall just around the corner, Ann Arbor residents are bracing themselves for the cold and breaking out the ice scrapers, shovels, and rock salt. Removing snow from your property isn’t just a necessity for travel reasons; it’s also crucial for safety reasons as well. Snow that piles up on your roof can cause part or all of it to collapse or, more commonly, create a leaking problem once it begins to melt. Rooftop snow and ice can also lead to ice dams, which can damage shingles and gutters.

It may seem that climbing a ladder with a shovel in hand to remove the snow is an easy solution but not so fast. Millions of people are treated at emergency rooms across the country each year due to falls, and more than 700,000 patients per year are hospitalized according to the CDC. Shoveling snow, whether or rooftops or in driveways, can also pose a significant risk to those with heart conditions.The American Heart Association warns that extreme physical exertion, such as climbing or heavy lifting, could result in a heart attack.

If you are set on handling your own snow removal, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Use a smaller shovel, to reduce the weight, and be sure to take frequent breaks. Wear several layers of clothing to stay warm and head inside if you start to notice numbness or tingling in your hands or foot. Avoid eating a heavy meal or alcoholic beverages when shoveling snow, as it can put a strain on your heart as well as give you a false sense of warmth. Also, be aware of any heart attack warning signs such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and other discomfort in the body. When working on the roof, keep a second person outside with you to keep the ladder steady and make sure you are throwing snow to a safe area that won’t injure people or cause property damage.

Removing snow can be a dangerous job but Ann Arbor residents can stay warm and rest easy by calling the professionals at A2Roofing. With years of experience, this GAF certified company handled a variety of roofing inspections and services on a daily basis. They’re accustomed to climbing ladders and removing snow from every type of roof, and offer 24/7 emergency service and free inspections too. Call (734) 548-9915 or visit to get started.

Is Black Mold Hiding In Your Home?

Mold in the houseCreating a living space that is completely mold-free sounds ideal but it’s also nearly impossible. Mold lives within damp spaces in the home because it needs water in order to grow. Moisture levels within the home must be controlled in order to reduce the risk of mold growth as much as possible. But what if you’re too late and mold is already growing at a rapid rate? How can you identify the type of mold growing in your home and are some types worse than others? Here are a few tips for identifying and dealing with moisture and mold problems within the home.

Mold, a type of fungus, are micro-organisms comprised of dead organic material and often too tiny to see with naked eye. Some common types of molds found indoors are Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Stachybotrys Atra, more commonly known as black mold. Homeowners may also encounter Penicillium, or penicillin mold, as well as Alternaria, which is often found right outside the home. Mold spores can pop up both inside and outside the home, travel through the air and spread. Mold not only uses windows, doorways, and ventilation systems to travel but can even attach themselves to people and animals.

While no mold is good mold, black mold in particular can cause a variety of issues ranging in severity. Health issues related to black mold exposure include respiratory problems, eye irritation and damage, lowered immune system, skin reactions, and even neurological or reproductive damage. You may notice some symptoms of mold exposure like allergies, body aches and pains, or chronic illness. If you suspect that you or your family members are suffering from mold exposure, you not only want to contact a mold removal specialist but your family doctor as well to have everyone checked and treated accordingly.

Besides an unexplained change in health that lingers on, other warning signs of a black mold issue include a noticeable odor within the home as well as visual signs. You never want to have a musty or earthy smell within the home because it indicates that there is moisture where there shouldn’t be and where there’s moisture, there’s often mold. You may notice discoloration in your walls or ceiling, or the appearance of spots and spores of different colors. Even the smallest cluster of mold should be taken seriously and addressed immediately.

Concerned about a black mold problem? In Wayne County, Michigan residents trust Downriver Restoration to handle their mold cleanup and mold removal. With over 20 years of experience, they not only have the knowledge and expertise to handle any mold issue, but also handle water damage, fire damage, storm damage, carpet cleaning, and more! Downriver Restoration offers 24/7 emergency services and provide free estimates as well! Call (734) 619-7610 or visit to get started with a free mold inspection today.

How To Check For and Prevent Ice Dams

Icicles hanging on gutter and roof in winter The temperatures in the Downriver, MI area are already starting to drop and before you know it, you’ll go from feeling slightly chilly to downright freezing. In fact, before the month is over, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts we could even see some snow. In general, this winter will bring colder temperatures but less snow which may sound like a decent combination but there’s still ice to combat.

One of the biggest issues during the winter that homeowners need to be on the lookout for is ice dams. When heat from inside the house begins to melt the ice on the roof, it will begin to run down and drip off the house. However, when that water then freezes again at the edge, it can prevent the water from escaping, thus forming an ice dam. If the dam breaks free, it can take down gutters or shingles with it, causing damage to the roof. When those dams fall with other parts of the house attached to it, it can also damage trees, cars, or anything else below it. If the dam does not break, the water needs to go somewhere and that somewhere could be inside your house.

There are warning signs of an ice dam forming that you can keep an eye out for before it’s too late. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is that you notice ice forming along the edge of your roof or in your gutters. Remember that you always want to have a clear path for water to escape. Secondly, you’ll want to take note of any icicles, especially ones that are melting and starting to drip. Finally, any water that seems to be entering your home from the roof is a clear sign that you could have an ice dam issue that needs to be addressed.

Ice dams can be prevented by homeowners by using a broom or shovel from below to remove the ice or by shoveling the ice from above while on the roof. While it may solve the issue, it also presents a safety hazard to the homeowner. Standing below a dam can result in being pelted by snow and ice from several feet above while climbing up to the roof in slippery conditions can cause a fall and serious injury.

In the Downriver area, the company to call for ice dam removal is Downriver Roofers. With over 20 years of experience, they offer complete roofing services as well as insurance claims assistance, financing, free estimates and inspections, lifetime warranties, a no leak guarantee, and round the clock emergency services. Call 734-548-9919 or visit to get schedule a free roof inspection today.

Winter Checklist: Do You Need To Replace Your Windows?

Home windows open to allow sunlightThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) may be predicting a warmer winter than usual this year in Michigan, but that doesn’t mean homeowners shouldn’t take measures to weatherproof their homes. Failure to do so can result in drafty homes, higher utility costs, and an increase in condensation which can cause water damage. Sometimes, winterizing your windows can be as simple as making a few minor adjustments but in other cases, it’s a smart investment to replace them altogether.

One of the first minor repairs you can do in order to winterize your windows is to apply fresh caulk which will seal the between the frame and the siding. Installing weatherstripping, along with fresh caulk, will ensure that cold air stays outside and warm air stays inside. Many people also choose to purchase a window insulation kit from a local hardware store, which consist of large plastic sheets that go over your windows. The downside to these kits is that you are unable to open your windows or doors unless you remove them.

So how can you tell whether you should repair or replace your windows? Well, there are some clear warning signs when you should make the call to replace. If you notice any rotting wood around your windows, that’s a red flag that it’s been exposed to elements for far too long (such as rain or humidity) and can no longer stand up to them. Warped wood also needs to be addressed because it’s an indication that the frame itself is damaged. You may also see that your windows are constantly fogged and in that case, the panes will need to be replaced. Finally, you may also have windows with hardware that is hard to maneuver or difficult to replace in case something breaks. Painting windows shut causes a safety hazard in the event you need to get out.

Looking to install new windows on your home or in need or a professional for your window repairs? In the Downriver area, call Allen Park’s Allpoint Construction. With over 20 years of experience, they specialize in roofs and ventilation, flooring and tiling, gutters and siding, kitchen and bath, masonry, and more. Get started with a free estimate by calling 734-407-7110 or visiting

3 Things To Consider Before Hiring a Kitchen Contractor

Hands Framing Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo After thinking about all of the changes and upgrades that could be made to your kitchen for years, you’re finally ready to take the plunge and hire a kitchen contractor. Taking on a home renovation project, especially one that could put your kitchen out of commission for a few days or even a few weeks, can feel overwhelming. You want to make sure to hire the right contractor, one who will get the job done right the first time, stay within your budget, and keep you updated on how things are progressing. Before making a hiring decision, here are a few things to consider.

1) Get Referrals
Any home improvement company will tell you themselves that word of mouth is everything. Sure, you can Google kitchen contractors in your local area, but don’t you also want to hear from your friends and neighbors about the positive experiences they’ve had? Don’t forget to find out if they had any issues with their contractor and how they were handled. Hearing from people you know and trust can help you narrow down the field and pick a contractor that you’re comfortable with and excited about. For another layer of peace of mind, check out the BBB, Angie’s List and other sites for reviews.

2) Interview Candidates
A kitchen renovation is no small feat and you’ll be spending quite a bit of time with the chosen contractor and their team. Choosing the right company, often times, come down to much more than just the lowest quote. When speaking to them, are they listening to you and on board with your vision? Do they seem trustworthy? Knowing that you can work well with them will definitely make the job much less stressful.

3) Check Credentials and Insurance Information
Any reputable home contractor is going to be fully licensed and insured. In most cases, they will also be a member of at least one reputable organization such as the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), or National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). These types of credentials show a commitment to expanding their range of knowledge, and demonstrating their expertise in their field.

Hiring a kitchen contractor can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these steps and in the Ann Arbor, MI area, consider A2HomePros for your next kitchen renovation. With over 15 years of experience, they are driven to provide total customer satisfaction and handle any job, large or small, with the utmost professionalism. Call (734) 548-9910 or visit today to get started!