December 5, 2021

6 Signs that You Need a New Roof in Downriver Michigan

Does the roof on your home look as if it needs an upgrade? Over time the roof on your home will start to break down. Since most of the homes in Downriver Michigan have asphalt shingle roofing the lifespan of the roofing is typically about 15 to 25 years so if your roof is that old chances are you’ll need to replace it soon. There are usually signs that will show up before a full roof replacement in Downriver Michigan is needed. We’ll go over 6 of the top signs that you should replace the roof on your home.

6 Signs that You Need a New Roof in Downriver Michigan

One definitive way to determine if you need a new roof installed on your home or not is to have a fully qualified roofing contractor in Downriver Michigan to inspect the roof. The roofing contractor will look over the entire roof and determine if the roof should be replaced, repaired, or if it’s good. You should get a roof inspection on your home’s roof each year especially if the existing roof is over 5 years old. The faster you can catch a problem on the roof the less damage that can be done and more money you can save overall. There are some things you’ll notice however that should help you determine if you should get a roof inspection which is listed below:

6 Signs that You Need a New Roof in Downriver Michigan

Damaged Shingles on the Roof

A telltale sign that there is a problem on the roof is that some of the shingles on the roof are damaged. Although there may not be a roof leak yet, when you have damaged shingles on the roof chances are it won’t be long before you need a roof repair or possibly even a new roof installation in Downriver Michigan. Roof shingle damage can typically occur because of storm damage so be sure to take a look at your roof after a big storm has moved through.

Missing Shingles on the Roof

Sometimes shingles on the roof aren’t damaged but they are removed from the roof. This usually occurs when there are high winds and the roof is older. Once the shingles are bent upwards they can break away from the roof. You may see bits and pieces of shingles in the gutters of your home or even your yard depending on how badly the roof was damaged. If you notice missing shingles from your roof be sure to call a roofing contractor in Downriver Michigan quickly as your roof may already have a roof leak.

Holes in the Roofing Surface

Another problem that may occur on your home’s roof is damage to the roof from fallen items such as tree branches. Other objects can also puncture the roof in some way. Typically roof damage from an event like this does not warrant a new roof installation but you should certainly get the roof leak repaired as quickly as possible. If you leave the roof leak for some time you may end up needing to replace the entire roof.

A Roof Leak Appears

You may not see any problems with the roof but if a roof leak appears there is a problem with the roof. Sometimes the roof leak occurs in areas that are difficult to see from the ground. Getting a qualified roofing expert to inspect the roof and find the place where the roof leak is can help determine if you need a new roof on your home or not.

Failing Roofing Components

The roofing shingles themselves are not the only components on the roof. In fact, the entire roofing system is a melody of components working together. If any of these components fail it may require a completely new roof installation.

Age of the Roof on your Home

The age of your home’s roof will play a factor in determining if you need a new roof or not. As roofing shingles get older they start to break down more and more. so over time, the roof is more susceptible to damages. If your roof is older than 15 years old it may be time to get a new roof installed rather than getting it repaired.

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