June 2, 2020

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Here at Home Pros Michigan we want to provide users with resources and article to help them make their house a home. To be able to turn an average room into something extraordinary. We regularly provide content to help our users with home improvement projects.

Articles and Resources from Leading Experts

Here at Home Pros Michigan we source articles and resources from industry experts and experience persons. Many of our authors are known throughout the construction and home improvement industry in Michigan. So you not only get industry information and advice but you also get real-world advice from persons with experience. Our authors have worked in those industries and provide knowledge and advice along with resources here at Home Pros Michigan.

Full Service Home Improvement at Home Pros Michigan

The articles and resources we feature here at Home Pros Michigan is designed to cover almost every square inch of your home. That’s not just talking about the roof but an all inclusive look into your home and surrounding landscape. From roofing to windows to remodeling your basement, we have the resources and articles that can help you make the most of your home. We’ll also show you relevant advertising from local contractors who are ready to help.

Our Featured Contractors at Home Pros Michigan

We regularly feature home improvement contractors here at Home Pros Michigan. In fact, many of the categories of resources we have feature contractors either in articles or advertising on the side of each page. We don’t just accept any contractor for advertising here at Home Pros Michigan. We first look at their customer service record and what their customers thought about their experience with that contractor. If everything checks out and we think it’s a good fit for our readers then and only then they are featured here at Home Pros Michigan. So rest assured that any advertising or article that talks about a contractor is good. We would not feature a contractor that we thought was shady or not good for our readers for some reasons.

We’re Always Looking for More Resources

Listening to our readers and understanding exactly what they want helps us remain one of the top home improvement sites for the Michigan area. If you have a comment or suggestion be sure to contact us and let us know. We love hearing from our readers. Maybe you know a better way to do something or we may have gotten something wrong or left out crucial details. Either way, we’d like to hear your opinion and suggestions.

On behalf of all our staff here at Home Pros Michigan, Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the website!