January 29, 2022

Author: HomeProsMichigan

Areas That Are Checked During a Winter Roof Inspection in Ann Arbor Michigan

For home owners there is always maintenance and areas to check around the home to make sure it is performing as it should. One part of the home that may not be checked as regularly however is the roof of your home. And, the roof of your home is always at odds against the weather and always exposed to even the most severe storms that we have here in Michig

Does Your Home Need a Furnace Inspection in Downriver Michigan?

Having a good working furnace in Michigan is a must. Since temperatures regularly drop well below freezing for extended periods of time, not having a working furnace can not only be frustrating but it can also be dangerous. Keeping your furnace in great working shape is easier than you may think as well. Getting regular inspections on the furnace can help

Types of Vinyl Replacement Windows in Plymouth Michigan You Should Consider

Windows provide a panoramic perspective of the world. When you look closer, however, you’ll notice that different window layouts have varied benefits and drawbacks. There’s a lot to consider when choosing window types, from their shape to the amount of ventilation they provide. Knowing which window is right for your home can make a huge differ

What Should You Do if You Have a Leaking Water Heater in Ann Arbor Michigan

Taking care of your water heater and properly maintaining it can help it last a long time. But while water heaters are static and don’t have many moving parts, they will eventually fail and when they do it’s usually starts with a water leak. A leaking water heater can be a problem with the water heater itself or the water connections on the h

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