August 13, 2020

Author: HomeProsMichigan

Proper Water Heater Maintenance in Downriver Michigan

Your water heater is a crucial part of your home. It is what provides you and your family with hot showers, clean laundry, and warm water to wash dishes. Without a properly maintained water heater, you risk a malfunctioning unit that turns your showers cold. Water heaters can last on average around 11 years with the proper maintenance. If you don’t take

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter in Plymouth Michigan

Prepping your home for the winter weather isn’t on the top of anyone’s to do list, nor do we find it very fun or entertaining. It’s a necessary task that really does pay off in the long run when you move into spring without winter damage to your home and roof. If you forego these preparations, you can risk significant damage from the harsh winter we

Bow and Bay Windows in Downriver Michigan: Which is Better for Your Home

Does your home have a large window in front that tends to be the focal point of the home? Many homes have a large bay or bow window located in the front of the home which almost always draws the eyes of anyone who looks at it. Upgrading this window can have a huge impact on curb appeal for your home as well as make your home more energy efficient. We̵

Ways To Increase The Curb Appeal of Your Plymouth Michigan Home

Many homes in the Plymouth Michigan area are decorated for Christmas and Halloween, but are left bare in between. Fall and early winter offers many great ways to get creative and make your home more aesthetically pleasing, without having to spend a lot of money. If you want to get into the seasonal spirit and celebrate fall, there are some great ways to d