October 5, 2022

Category: Renovation

What Should You Do if You Have a Leaking Water Heater in Ann Arbor Michigan

Taking care of your water heater and properly maintaining it can help it last a long time. But while water heaters are static and don’t have many moving parts, they will eventually fail and when they do it’s usually starts with a water leak. A leaking water heater can be a problem with the water heater itself or the water connections on the h

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter in Plymouth Michigan

Prepping your home for the winter weather isn’t on the top of anyone’s to do list, nor do we find it very fun or entertaining. It’s a necessary task that really does pay off in the long run when you move into spring without winter damage to your home and roof. If you forego these preparations, you can risk significant damage from the harsh winter we

Ways To Increase The Curb Appeal of Your Plymouth Michigan Home

Many homes in the Plymouth Michigan area are decorated for Christmas and Halloween, but are left bare in between. Fall and early winter offers many great ways to get creative and make your home more aesthetically pleasing, without having to spend a lot of money. If you want to get into the seasonal spirit and celebrate fall, there are some great ways to d

5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Porch in Downriver Michigan

It seems like more and more homes built today don’t have a porch on the home. And if there is a porch on the home it’s usually very small and only a place where you can stand while unlocking the door to get into the home. While it’s great to have this cover over you, having a large enough porch that allows you to enjoy the outside a bit

When Shower Drains Don’t Drain Call a Plumber in Downriver Michigan

Drains do two things: drain and clog. One of which is guaranteed to happen, and it isn’t ‘drain’. Your shower drain can be clogged with oils, debris, and hair. You should always be mindful of what goes down your shower drain. Unlike your kitchen drain, it may not be as simple as a plumber popping the p-trap and removing thanksgiving dinner to unclog

Four Ways To Get A More Modern Kitchen with a Kitchen Remodel in Downriver Michigan

If you have thumbed through an interior design magazine or looked at a home décor blog, you will inevitably see a few pictures showing off the hottest new kitchens. But if you really want a new kitchen with a more modern feel, there are a few easy projects you can look into. Having a home improvement contractor in Downriver Michigan create an amazing kit

5 Signs You Need a Home Improvement Contractor in Downriver Michigan

Once the snow melts from winter and we get into the spring of the year many homeowners realize they have home improvement projects that need to be done. Whether it’s the roof of the home needing repair or replacement or installing new replacement windows in your home, having a home improvement contractor in Downriver Michigan complete your project is a

8 Questions to Ask Your Home Improvement Contractor in Downriver Michigan

Although remodeling your home is exciting, it can also be overwhelming and nerve wrecking. After all, you’re trusting a strange person or company to come into your home and remodel if into the space of your dreams. That being said, here are eight questions you should ask your home improvement contractor in Downriver Michigan before hiring them.

Change the Look of Your Home with These Home Improvement Projects in Michigan

Increasing the curb appeal to your home means you’ll increase your home’s value and make your home the talk of the neighborhood. Although there are many different home improvement projects you can do in Michigan there are some that pay off more than others when it comes to changing the look of your home. In this article I’ll go over some