September 25, 2020

Category: Roofing

Get Professional Roofing Repair and Installation in Trenton Michigan

Roofing is something that many people never consider. The roof on their homes blocks out the rain, ice, snow, and other weather yet most of us never consider what a roof goes through each and every day. That is, not until there is a problem on the roof. When a roof starts failing and all of a sudden starts leaking it can send home owners into a craze. Sin

Common Roofing Problems During Summer in Royal Oak MI

The summer months in Michigan is one of the worst and best times for roofing. Most roofing replacements take place during summer months in Michigan because the temperature is higher and roofing shingles adhere better in warmer weather. However, although summer is a great time for roof replacement it can also be a time when the roof is subjected to more da

Tips to Save Money on Your New Roof Install in Ann Arbor Michigan

One of the more expensive components on the exterior of the home is the roofing system. And although replacing a roof on your Ann Arbor Michigan home may seem expensive, if you need a roof and don’t get an new roof installed it can cost you much more when damage starts to occur on the interior of your home from roof leaks. There are some things you

What to Do When Your Asphalt Roof Fails in West Bloomfield MI

One of the biggest home improvement projects many home owners will likely need to do at least once during their home ownership is roof replacement. Usually when a roof is being replaced it’s likely because it has completely failed and no longer protects the home like it should. Knowing what shape your roof is in can greatly help with this expense an