June 28, 2022

Common Causes For Why Your Windows in Plymouth Michigan Are Drafty

Windows are great in many ways, they allow us to view the outsides without having pestering flies crowd us, they can give us natural lighting which can brighten up our moods. There’s plenty of things windows do for us, however windows can also have issues which need to be fixed properly and before they can be fixed, you’ll need to figure out why these issues have occurred. Today we’re going to talk about why windows in Plymouth Michigan become drafty, meaning they allow wind to come into your home, ultimately leading the room to become colder and that means you’ll have to blast your heat until you’re satisfied just to find out your energy bill has increased.

Common Causes For Why Your Windows in Plymouth Michigan Are Drafty

Unfortunately, drafty windows aren’t caused by one single problem. Drafty windows can be caused by a few different problems, meaning you’ll have to troubleshoot your window to find the exact cause on why it’s so drafty. Once you’ve determined that your window is indeed drafty, you’ll know which window to inspect closely. We’ll cover many reasons why your windows may be drafty and you’ll have to inspect your window to find the soul cause of it, however if you’re not wanting to carry on with that, then it may be wise to hire a professional to inspect your windows for you.

Bad Installation

This is pretty common as many homeowners tend to hire cheap contractors to install their windows to save some extra money, but it’s definitely not worth it. If your windows weren’t installed properly, you’ll find yourself with problem after problem and one of these problems can be a drafty window. Depending on when you’ve last had your window replaced, this could be the cause of your drafty window problem. Consider hiring a professional to inspect your windows to see if they were installed properly.

Sealing Is Damaged

Your window has a seal around it, so that air doesn’t come in and out. It also blocks moisture from getting into your home and into your home’s foundation. The seal used is pretty strong, however it can lead to problems if the seal becomes damaged. A few things can cause your seals to become damaged, most commonly is a bad installation job and old age. After awhile, your sealant between your window can become brittle and begin cracking, leaving water and air to come into your home. If you decided to go with a cheaper contractor to install your windows, then you may have had a bad repair but also had cheaper materials used in your window replacement, meaning they were bound to break in the future and cause your windows to become drafty.

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Old Age Windows

Every window has a certain lifespan and that lifespan can certainly creep up on you out of nowhere. A good idea is to find out how old your window is and figure out if it’s time for a replacement or not. Old windows can become outdated and allow drafts to come in. However, sometimes windows that aren’t efficient for your home’s area can certainly be the cause of drafty windows as well. Windows are built more durable for certain areas, so just because a certain window type is very durable in one area, doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for your area.

What You Should Do About Drafty Windows

Now that you’ve discovered the signs of why your window is drafty, now what do you do? Well, the best answer we can really give you is to call a professional and have your window either repaired or replaced, depending on the damage it is. It’s recommended that you find a good quality window expert that can properly install your new window for you, so that you won’t suffer the same issue in 3 months due to a poor installation job.

Drafty windows can cause a lot of issues with your home, walking into a room with freezing temperatures present can certainly be draining to your body and having to cut your heat up will lead to your energy bill to increase every month, so it’s best to call a professional window expert to fix your window before more damage can occur. That way you’ll be back to a nice warm home. Call the experts at Home Pros Plymouth today if you have problems with your home windows in Plymouth Michigan. They can provide free pricing quotes and inspect your current windows to determine if there are any issues. Call them today at (734) 548-9911.