June 28, 2022

Do You Need Replacement Windows in Southgate Michigan? Here Are The Signs That You Do

When it comes to replacing windows, it can be a hard decision to make for most homeowners. Not every homeowner knows the warning signs that they may need a home window replacement in Southgate Michigan, this can cause a lot of stress as problems can occur over and over again. If you’re stuck on if you should have your windows replaced, then this article will help determine if it’s actually time for a window replacement.

Do You Need Replacement Windows in Southgate Michigan? Here Are The Signs That You Do

Window damage can be a headache, as many homeowners won’t know the actual damage that’s happening unless they have experience with window problems. Windows also require regular maintenance to keep in the best shape possible, which some homeowners tend to ignore and that could cause damage that worsens until the point of a forced replacement of windows. So keeping up with maintenance for your windows will help the longevity of them, but if they have any of the problems in this list, it may be time for a window replacement.

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Increasing Energy Bill

If you’ve noticed your energy bill increasing, this may be a sign your windows need to be replaced. When windows become old or damaged, they can allow air to escape which can make your energy bill go up every month. If this is happening, keep reading to help you determine if this is the cause of damaged windows or something else.

Rotting Window Frames

This should be a given to every homeowner that they need to have their windows replaced. If your windows frames are made out of wood and are rotting, then it could lead to plenty of problems such as higher energy bills, loud noises coming in, and more. This should be replaced in most cases as rotting would typically keep rotting. This can be from old age or lots of exposure to moisture, so if your windows are rotting and they’re not very old, have a professional inspection done to see why they’ve been exposed to so much moisture.

They Don’t Open And Close Properly

Windows are built to open and close smoothly, when that comes as a problem and begins to be tough to open and close, then it’s a sign that they’re worn out and need to be replaced. They’re meant to seal so that air doesn’t escape, but if they’re worn out, you could find it hard to open and close it, which also means that they probably aren’t sealing correctly.

Noises From The Street

Windows are meant to keep noise out of your home, giving you a quiet place to enjoy your time. However, if your windows are damaged or becoming old, they can allow loud noises to come in from the street, this can be extremely annoying and it’s a big indication that your windows should be replaced. This should eliminate all the noises that may be coming from the outside.

Old Damaged Windows Lower Your Curb Appeal

If your windows are old and outdated or damaged, then this could mess up your homes curb appeal and certainly make your home look outdated. Keeping your windows in good condition is great for keeping your curb appeal and value of your home high, so if you notice your homes windows are outdated in looks or damaged, then you should have them replaced so that you won’t risk your home looking bad.

Cracked Glass Panes

This should be obvious, but sometimes cracked glass panes can go unnoticed. Doing a thorough inspection of your windows can help find cracks, as they can linger in corners or be sort of invisible if you aren’t looking closely. If you notice any cracks in the glass panes, then it may be time for a window replacement as cracked glass could increase your energy bill and also allow moisture to come in and begin rotting your windows frame.

Call a Contractor

By now you should be more experienced and knowledgeable about windows and if you should replace your windows or not, however if you still are unsure, then hiring a professional window expert could be a great way to determine if you need new windows or not. This can help if you’re stuck between keeping them or getting new ones. Call All Point Construction today at (734) 407-7110 for a free consultation on getting new home windows installed in your Southgate Michigan home.