December 5, 2022

Does Your Home Need a Furnace Inspection in Downriver Michigan?

Having a good working furnace in Michigan is a must. Since temperatures regularly drop well below freezing for extended periods of time, not having a working furnace can not only be frustrating but it can also be dangerous. Keeping your furnace in great working shape is easier than you may think as well. Getting regular inspections on the furnace can help prevent problems later. Each year have a heating contractor in Downriver Michigan do a full inspection and maintenance on your home’s furnace to ensure it’s ready for the winter ahead. We’ll go over some of the items that will be addressed during the maintenance for the furnace.

Does Your Home Need a Furnace Inspection in Downriver Michigan?

It’s always best to have a routine inspection on your furnace each year to determine if there are any problems that need to be addressed. While most of these items need to be done by a qualified HVAC contractor there are some things you can do as well. And you can do these items more than once per year. In fact, quick inspections each month can help to prevent damages to your furnace. With that being said here are some of the items that will be checked during a routine furnace inspection:

Downriver MI Furnace Repair

Air Filters

Air filters need to be replaced or cleaned regularly depending on whether they are disposable or reusable. You could be causing premature deterioration of your HVAC system and furnace by restricting airflow due to dirt and debris. For most furnaces, this can be done by the home owner on regular intervals such as once per month or once every three months depending on your system.

Gas Burners

Soot can quickly build up on your gas burners and with a dirty burner that cause many problems. Your furnace may need to be retired sooner if it has poor combustion, soot or condensation in the burn chamber.

Combustion air

It is important to inspect the opening for any obstructions or restrictions in order to ensure that combustion air flows freely. Sometimes debris can be sucked into the front of the unit which can prevent proper air flow.

Safety Checks

It is important that your furnace remains safe to operate so getting it checked regularly for problems is important. To ensure everything is working properly, run a test during the inspection for safety. Many HVAC contractors will perform this test on various systems to ensure they are safe to use in the home.

Flue Pipes and Exhausts

Like with safety checks, you’ll want to ensure all exhaust and flue pipes are in good working order. A blocked flue pipe can lead to all sorts of problems including carbon monoxide in your home as well as other toxic fumes. It’s best to have a carbon monoxide detector as well which can alert you if there is a problem. These are much like traditional smoke detectors.

Gas Line

If you smell something a bit weird in your home that is much like rotten eggs then you may have a problem with your gas line. To avoid potentially dangerous situations, make sure you check for gas leaks. If there are any, turn off the gas supply immediately and call a professional to inspect the system. It is important that you also check all gas lines for odor which can indicate a gas leak in your home.

Checking Components

During the inspection an HVAC technician will look at many of the system components. They will check the energy draw on each component as well to ensure none are using too much energy which can indicate a sign of trouble. Parts that can be serviced or cleaned are also addressed during the inspection.

Call A Contractor for an Inspection

These are just a few of the components that are checked during a routine HVAC furnace inspection. While many of these are done by a qualified contractor, a few can be done by the home owner. Depending on your type of system and the brand there may be other items that are checked as well. If you need your furnace repaired or inspected be sure to call the professionals today at Superior Comfort Heating and Cooling. They offer a wide variety or HVAC services in the Downriver Michigan area. Call 734-818-7141 for more details today or to schedule your furnace inspection.