December 5, 2022

Have Your Sewer Line Cleared by a Professional Plumber in Downriver Michigan

When you have a plumbing problem in your home is can quickly go from a inconvenience to a massive problem. Water damage to your home can lead to all sorts of problems and expenses. From small problems such as stains to much larger problems such as black mold. One problem that occurs which can cause a major disaster in your home is a main sewer line clog. Main sewer lines can get clogged from time to time for a variety of reasons and when it does it usually requires a rooter in Downriver Michigan to clear it. We’ll take closer look at just how this service can be used to get your home back to normal quickly.

Have Your Sewer Line Cleared by a Professional Plumber in Downriver Michigan

A plumbing problem can happen at any time. Usually they occur at the most inconvenient time however or when there are more guests than usual in your home. The reason for this isn’t just Murphy’s Law, but instead, the need for more water in your home and ultimately, more drain volume. Extra people in your home means more showers, more cooking, clothes washing, etc. Add all these things together and you can quickly see why it can overwhelm many sewer systems. However, a good working sewer system should be able to handle the extra load. The problem is usually because the main sewer line in your home is partially blocked. If that is the case you’ll need to have a rooter clear the line or replace the sewer line completely.

Plumbing Rooter in Downriver MI

You may have heard that clearing your sewer line is a do it yourself project. While you may be able to dislodge a clog in the main sewer line, the chances of clearing the sewer line without specialized tools such as a rooter, it is nearly impossible. Snaking a drain can clear the clog from the line but it doesn’t clear the underlying problem with the sewer line. Many times sewer lines can have roots and other problems which can restrict the flow of the sewer line. This restriction can lead to clogs and when it does snaking the line may release the clog but the clog will ultimately come back because the underlying roots or debris are not removed.

The way roots and other debris are removed from a main sewer line is by using a tool called a rooter. It is a mechanical device which is attached to a long line which is placed in the main sewer line. As the rooter makes it’s way through the main sewer line pipe it cuts and grinds any debris or roots from the walls of the pipe. This can restore the diameter of the main sewer line pipe to it’s original diameter. With more volume available in the main sewer line pipe, the sewer line should handle to entire home draining needs again.

When a rooter service is used it is usually minimally invasive to your landscaping. In fact, in some cases, only a small cleanout is accessed to run the rooter into the pipe. If there are no sewer line cleanouts available the plumber may have to dig up a small area close to your home for sewer line access. The alternative would be to replace the entire main sewer line in which case the entire length of pipe would need to be excavated and replaced. This process is known as sewer line replacement and can be a huge inconvenience depending on a few factors and can sometimes be quite expensive as well.

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When you have plumbing problems it’s usually not a do it yourself problem. Having a qualified plumber come to your home and deal with clogs and other problems is a must to ensure they are done right. Don’t just trust your plumbing issues to anyone. Trust the professionals at Downriver Plumbers. For over 20 years the professionals at Downriver Plumbers have been serving the great communities of Downriver. They have master plumbers on staff and ready to help with your plumbing problems. Call them today at (734) 548-9925 if you need a plumber in Downriver Michigan. They also offer emergency plumber services 24/7 if needed.