August 11, 2022

Here’s What To Do When Window Seals Fail in Downriver Michigan

Windows will not last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. But it is not always obvious when the windows are failing. One of the major ways that windows can be compromised and need replacement is the seal. Getting replacement windows in Downriver Michigan installed in your home can certainly remedy this problem but is this something that you need to do? There are some windows that can be repaired and understanding exactly why this problem occurs can help you to identify the problem in the future and maybe prevent it.

Here’s What To Do When Window Seals Fail in Downriver Michigan

When the seal fails it can greatly impact your home’s efficiency and increase your home’s monthly energy bills. If you think that you may have failed window seals, or just want to know what to look out for, it is important to know how to handle it. Allowing a window seal that is failed to continue in your home means more and more energy will be needed in order to heat and cool the home. Getting a window repair done quickly can actually help to save money when you think about it. The longer the window remains in place during it’s failure the more money it will cost in terms of energy usage.

Here's What To Do When Window Seals Fail in Downriver Michigan

So, What Causes Seals To Fail?

Home window seals typically have two reasons for failing: human error and exposure to the elements.

When your windows are installed it is crucial that it is installed correctly. You must have an experienced professional home improvement contractor in Downriver Michigan do the work and make sure that the windows are undamaged before they are installed. even a tiny mistake can cause huge issues with your window seals and can cause them to fail much sooner than they should.

Your home windows must also deal with the elements of the Michigan weather with little or no reprieve. This can be from impact damage or moisture. When moisture gets into your windows it can cause warping, rotting and expanding of porous materials like wood. Aluminum windows can also be problematic in moist climates because of the increased chance of corrosion. This is why it is crucial to have windows made of materials that are suitable to the environment you live in.

Signs Of Failed Seals

Because it is not always obvious when your window seals have failed, it is important to know the signs and pay attention.

One of the clearest signs of window seal damage or failure is drafts. When your windows are fully closed you should not be able to feel the air moving through them. By holding your hand around the edges of the window you can feel around for air flow to distinguish whether or not your windows are drafty.

Another indicator that there is seal damage is fogging or condensation on your windows. Where air can get through, moisture can as well. This is because the barrier between the interior and exterior of your home has been compromised. That causes your windows to struggle more to keep the temperatures separate and can cause moisture to build up as the freezing windows melt in the warmer temperatures of your home. You will notice this a lot more as the weather gets colder outside.

You can also look at your monthly energy bills to get a good understanding of how your windows are holding up. When your window seal has failed, you will need to spend more money to heat or cool your home. If you are suddenly spending more than normal, it is a good indication that you need new window seals.

So, What Can You Do?

There is no real way to repair the seal once it has been broken. This means that to fully solve the problem, you will need to replace your window. Until the replacement can be done, you can use dehumidifiers and wipe up any condensation before it can sit into the wood. Otherwise, you can also have mold in your home as well. Be sure to call the window experts at All Point Construction. All Point Construction company is a fully licensed and insured home improvement contractor in Downriver Michigan. Call them today to get a free, no obligation quote and consultation on your home improvement project at 734-407-7110