October 15, 2021

How To Check For and Prevent Ice Dams

Icicles hanging on gutter and roof in winter The temperatures in the Downriver, MI area are already starting to drop and before you know it, you’ll go from feeling slightly chilly to downright freezing. In fact, before the month is over, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts we could even see some snow. In general, this winter will bring colder temperatures but less snow which may sound like a decent combination but there’s still ice to combat.

One of the biggest issues during the winter that homeowners need to be on the lookout for is ice dams. When heat from inside the house begins to melt the ice on the roof, it will begin to run down and drip off the house. However, when that water then freezes again at the edge, it can prevent the water from escaping, thus forming an ice dam. If the dam breaks free, it can take down gutters or shingles with it, causing damage to the roof. When those dams fall with other parts of the house attached to it, it can also damage trees, cars, or anything else below it. If the dam does not break, the water needs to go somewhere and that somewhere could be inside your house.

There are warning signs of an ice dam forming that you can keep an eye out for before it’s too late. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is that you notice ice forming along the edge of your roof or in your gutters. Remember that you always want to have a clear path for water to escape. Secondly, you’ll want to take note of any icicles, especially ones that are melting and starting to drip. Finally, any water that seems to be entering your home from the roof is a clear sign that you could have an ice dam issue that needs to be addressed.

Ice dams can be prevented by homeowners by using a broom or shovel from below to remove the ice or by shoveling the ice from above while on the roof. While it may solve the issue, it also presents a safety hazard to the homeowner. Standing below a dam can result in being pelted by snow and ice from several feet above while climbing up to the roof in slippery conditions can cause a fall and serious injury.

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