May 25, 2022

How To Spot A Leak on Your Home’s Shingle Roofing in Wyandotte Michigan

When it comes to having a leak come out of nowhere from your roof, it should be taken care of immediately. While many homeowners believe that roof leaks aren’t the most harmful thing that can happen, it’s definitely something that can cause a mass amount of damage to not only your roof, but also to your home and the belongings that are inside of your house. Whenever you notice that your home’s roof has sprung a roof leak, don’t neglect it by putting a bucket underneath it to catch the water that falls and leave it for weeks, call a professional roofing company in Wyandotte Michigan to have it fixed immediately, as most roof leaks are more severe than they seem, as they have to travel through your roof’s foundation and on through your attic.

How To Spot A Leak on Your Home’s Shingle Roofing in Wyandotte Michigan

Whenever your home’s roof has a roof leak, it’s good to try and find the culprit of the problem. Whether that be missing shingles or a compromised roof, finding out why the leak happened is a good way to prevent more roof leakage from happening in the future. Thankfully we’ve wrote down some common issues that can cause a roof leak on your home’s roof, so be sure to do an inspection in your home to see if it’s having any of these issues that we’re going to mention below, and if it does, be sure to hire a professional roofing company to have them fixed.

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Missing Asphalt Shingles

If you inspect your home’s roof from your yard and notice that some shingles may be missing, then this could be the reason why your home’s roof is leaking. Shingles provide cover for your roof’s foundation to not allow water to damage it, however when shingles are missing, water can begin penetrating the water resistant barrier that’s installed underneath your shingles and end up causing your roof to leak.

Damaged Flashing On Your Roof

Flashing is metal sheeting that fits around aspects of your roof, from your chimney to your roof’s ventilation systems, it’s connected to your home’s roof with sealant to not allow any water to penetrate through the roof of your home. However, in time, the sealant can crack or the flashing can become damaged, so inspect the flashing on your home’s roof to ensure they’re all good and not causing your home’s roof to leak.

Clogged Gutters Can Cause Roof Leaks

Gutters serve a huge role when it comes to redirecting water flow away from your home’s roof, when your gutters become clogged, they can start causing problems to your roof. Water can begin pooling up on the edge of the roof of your home and cause water damage to the shingles, ultimately leading to roof leakage happening.

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Bad Repair Jobs

If you’ve recently had a repair done on your home’s roof and notice that a roof leak has shown up not long after, it could be because the repair was done improperly. This isn’t something that’s uncommon to happen, inspect the area where the repair was done on your home’s roof and ensure that it isn’t the culprit to your roof leakage.

Inspecting Your Roof For Damage

If you suspect that your home’s roof is leaking, then doing an inspection can help prove the point. One great way to see if your home’s roof has a leak is by going up to your attic in broad daylight and seeing if sunlight is passing through your attic, this will indicate that there’s punctures in your roof that water can get through, mark the area and contact a professional roof company to come out and repair it before water begins to leak through your roof and into your home.

Roof leaks are very harmful to your home’s roof, so it’s important to have roof leaks repaired quickly after finding them. This will always limit the damage that could possibly be done by it. Roof leaks can cause serious problems to your home by coming in contact with wiring and starting a house fire, all the way to crumbling drywall when water begins to soak into it, so if you’re experiencing a roof leak, be sure to have it repaired immediately. The experts at Downriver Roofers offer great roof repair services including emergency roof repairs. Call them at (734) 548-9919 to get a free estimate today.