September 25, 2020

How to Tell If Your Home’s Roof in Canton Michigan Has Been Damaged by Storms

During storms, you know it is best to stay inside and wait until everything is over. But your home’s exterior gets no relief from the onslaught of the elements. Damage caused by a storm can be minimal or severe, but it is crucial that you can identify it and repair it before the damage has a chance to escalate further especially when it comes to your roofing in Canton Michigan. That is why it is so important to know how to look for damage and identify it as quickly as possible.

How to Tell If Your Home’s Roof in Canton Michigan Has Been Damaged by Storms

With summer approaching so does the chance of severe weather. One of the biggest threats to most roofing is weather. This can include high winds and also hail falling on the roof. Both pose a significant threat to your roof and after one of these storms passes through the area it can leave your roof in very bad condition. Knowing what to do if your roof is damaged is important but sometimes it’s not apparent that there is damage on the roof. Be sure to read the following tips to better understand what to do if your roof may have been damaged by storms.

How to Tell If Your Home's Roof in Canton Michigan Has Been Damaged by Storms

Common Damages

Some of the most common damages that are seen after storms include:

Roof Covering Damage (Shingle damage)

Whether it is from strong winds, moisture or impact damage, your roof covering takes the brunt of the beating during a storm. For those who have shingles, it is common to see damage after strong storms as the material struggles to hold on. Look for bruises, dings, cracks or pieces that are out of place.


Leaks can be caused by exposure to moisture over a period of time, or a strong impact. No matter how small the opening may be, any leak is a problem for your home. This is because it allows moisture into your home, making it easier for water damage like mold or structural warping to occur.


Hail, especially larger pieces, can leave large dents in your home’s roof and siding. Dents are not only cosmetically an issue for your home, but also greatly weakens the material and impacts the overall durability. Dents can turn into cracks, which can then turn into leaks.  Many times when a roof is damaged by hail those damages will be all over the roof and not just in one single spot. Typically if a roof is damaged by hail it will need to be replaced.

Loosening Pieces

Strong winds can have enough power to loosen parts of your home, including siding, roof coverings and shutters. Loosening can be severe enough to cause pieces to become unattached and blow away. This is especially common with materials like asphalt shingles.

What to Do

After a storm, you should always take the following steps:

Do an Inspection

Inspections come in two parts. The first is a visual inspection by you of your home and anything that may seem off. Look for missing parts, dents or other obvious signs of damage. You should also look in your attic for signs of water coming in from leaks.

After you do that, you should then have a professional inspection done. This will be a much more hands on inspection as a contractor can navigate the scene better and know what to be looking out for.

Know Your Insurance Policy

It is important to know what your homeowner’s insurance does and does not cover when it comes to storms. Depending on where you live, some areas will not cover common storms or natural disasters. Make sure you are familiar with everything that is in your policy and any exclusions that may be there that would prevent them from covering the damages.

Get Repairs Done Quickly by Qualified Roofing Contractors

No matter how small the damage may be, it is important that you repair it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage can quickly become much worse and cost you much more to fix. You should also always have a professional do the repairs to prevent anything being missed or done wrong. If you think your roof is damaged be sure to call Twelve Oaks Roofing today at 248-525-6950 for a roof inspection. They offer free quotes and are fully licensed and insured.