May 25, 2022

Important Winter Gutter Maintenance for Home Owners in Canton Michigan

While winter means snow shoveling, ice melting and fuel bills, you also need to remember the less obvious tasks that come with the season. Your home doesn’t go into hibernation, and problems can occur in any weather and this is especially true when you consider your roofing in Canton Michigan. This is why it is important to keep your home’s maintenance going year round. This includes your gutters.

Important Winter Gutter Maintenance for Home Owners in Canton Michigan

Without properly functioning gutters in the winter, your home is subject to ice dams, overflowing and damage. To prevent any issues, it is important to make sure you are doing the proper maintenance all season long. There are some things you can do as a home owner to make the winter less harsh for your roof. It includes some simple maintenance routines but they can help to prevent a lot of damage to your home’s roof. Here are some ways to protect your home’s roof and gutters this winter season:

Important Winter Gutter Maintenance for Home Owners in Canton Michigan

Keep the Gutters on Your Home Cleaned Out

Just like the rest of the year, you need to make sure your gutters are cleaned out and free of obstructions. Without the ability to drain properly, water can back up and sit on your roof, or overflow onto the ground by your home. This can lead to moisture damage, as well as ice damage during the winter months. This can lead to ice dams on your roof, as well as freezing in your gutters that can cause added weight and damage. Many times the gutters will get clogged by leaves which fall and collect during the colder months especially during Autumn. Cleaning leaves and other debris should be done before the snow starts to fall in Michigan.

You should clean out your gutters at least once a month, but should aim to do it whenever there is snowfall or temperature fluctuations. You should also rake snow off your roof, remove icicles and keep trees trimmed away from your home. This will help to reduce the risk of obstructions and damage.

Check Your Downspouts

While you need to keep the gutters clear, it is also important to check your downspout. The downspout is the final section of your gutters that deposits the moisture away from your home. Because the downspout is closer to the ground, you can have insects and animals using it as shelter. You can also have obstructions from the gutters that made it through before getting lodged in your downspout. This is why you need to check to make sure it is clear and water can easily exit the piping. This is one of the most overlooked items when it comes to the gutters of most homes so don’t ignore it.  

Don’t Put Off Repairs to the Gutters or Roof

If water is not properly directed away from your home, it can create serious damage to your home’s roof and foundation. It can also allow mold to grow and spread throughout your home. While a few drops of water may not seem like a big deal, it all adds up over time. This is why you should always try to repair any problems in your guttering system as quickly as possible. A tiny leak can become worse and can lead to very expensive repair costs. Always get any type of roof repair done quickly to avoid costly damages that are associated with longer term roof leaks such as mold growth.  

Reinforce Where You Can

Gutters are most effective when they are securely installed to your home at a slight angle for draining. If you gutters become loose, you can end up with crooked gutters that cannot drain properly. This can lead to overflowing on your roof or pooling around your foundation. To prevent this, you should check your gutters for signs they are coming loose and reinforce them to keep them in place while you can. This will also help them to handle the added weight they can carry from snow and icicles.

Get a Roof Inspection on Your Home

Call the roofing professionals at Twelve Oaks Roofing today to get a roof inspection on your home that can include the gutters on your home. They are fully licensed and give free quotes for any roof repairs that are needed. Call 248-525-6950 today to get started and start protecting your home.