May 15, 2021

Is Your Skylights in Downriver Michigan Failing? What Can You Do About It?

Having a skylight in your home is a great way to allow warm light in. And when they are performing as they should they boost energy efficiency of the home and add value. However, when there is a problem with your skylights in Downriver Michigan then getting a home improvement contractor to repair the problem is a must to avoid damage to your home. Sometimes however, knowing that your skylight is failing will take a bit of testing. Here are some tips to ensure your skylight is performing as it should. 

Is Your Skylights in Downriver Michigan Failing? What Can You Do About It?

It’s not an easy thing to find leaks in roofs. It is a difficult thing to do. However, though it begins away from where the hole does appear, water can come in from broken, missing, or even worn-out shingles. Water can also make its way inside of poorly sealed or corroded roof flashing that is around vents.

Is Your Skylights in Downriver Michigan Failing


One of the first steps to doing this is to pinpoint the exact cause of the leak itself. A good way is by personal inspection. If you have a skylight that opens, do make sure it’s closed and that the weather seals on it are in good condition. Determine the season or seasons that the link does happen or when there is any ice or snow on your roof. Make sure to look behind the skylight for any leaves, snow, or another form of debris that could block the flow of water and cause it to back up under the shingles.


If you can’t figure out where from a visual inspection or from the attic, wait for the weather to turn dry and ask a friend you know to assist you in conducting a water test. It can take place with one person going on the roof with a garden hose and the other inside of the attic with a bucket and a flashlight. The person who is in the attic will stand guard observing while the other person on the roof submerges the roof with a hose. The individual with the tube will begin at the bottom of the roof and gradually work upwards until the leak appears. After the hole has been located, stick a nail through it to mark the location.


Any Roof Issues
Numerous things can cause a skylight to leak. However, one of the most popular of all reason is no other than the fact that water can be dripping from the roof surrounding your skylight, and that can be because the roof wasn’t correctly sealed as it should’ve been from the beginning. Another problem could stem from the flashing, which is designed to flow water around the openings.
A Poor Installation:
It’s tough for parts of your home to operate effectively if the skylights weren’t installed correctly. If you do suspect that this is the problem, then it’s best to contact a professional who can make the right modifications that you require.


When leaks such as these happen in an insulated glass frame, it may have permitted water to get in through the window structure and damage the seal. If it is learned that the insulating glass isn’t working adequately, you may then re-seal it to prevent water leakage, but you will need to replace the skylight to have condensation removed if the window unit itself has failed.

Instructions on how to fix a leaky skylight:
*Lift up each shingle, one by one, and then sweep out any dirt or debris that is there.
*Fill up a caulking gun with roofing cement and push it up through the shingle where the flashing coincides with the roofing felt. Push down on the roofing shingles to seal them efficiently.
*Seal up existing holes that are noticeable, joints that are in the flashing, or open seams.
*Check the seal right where the glass of the skylight does intersect along with the frame. If there are any signs of leakage, seal it up with clear silicone caulk.

If you do have any issues with your skylights and need them checked out by a professional firsthand, please do get in touch with All Point Construction. We have skylight specialists who will gladly assess the situation for you and provide you with a free estimate. You can do this by communicating with us, and this can be done with our phone number for personal contact, which is 734-407-7110.