June 28, 2022

Maintenance Tips for Replacement Windows in Plymouth Michigan

Windows actually tend to do a lot for a home, bringing natural lighting into your home all whilst keeping stuff such as rain, dust, and other particle elements out. But there’s no doubt that windows need proper maintenance and cleaning to stay healthy. If you notice your home windows in Plymouth Michigan becoming dirty lately, then it could be time for them to have a proper cleaning, this will also prolong their lifespan, making it more convenient for you in the long run.

Maintenance Tips for Replacement Windows in Plymouth Michigan

If you’re looking to learn how to keep your windows properly cleaned and maintained all year round, then you’ve definitely got the right article. We’ll discuss what you should do to keep your windows looking great and stay in healthy condition to keep providing you with beautiful and natural sunlight, whilst also protecting you in the process.

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Cleaning Your Glass Panels

Cleaning your glass panels on your window should be a pretty obvious chore to do. As dirty glass panels can throw off your curb appeal and make your home feel dirty just by the look of a window. These are typically easy to clean and won’t require much effort depending on how dirty they are. Grabbing a non abrasive spray and spraying it on a piece of paper towel will help you clean your glass panels nicely.

Cleaning Your Casings

The casing is around your windows, cleaning this part is pretty much the same as cleaning your glass panels. However casing is sealed using caulk, so cleaning the caulk around your casings should help bring the light back to your windows beauty.

Cleaning Your Windows Tracks

The tracks of your window are on the bottom of it, this is probably going to be one of the dirtiest places on your windows by far. Cleaning this area is sort of tricky, some recommend using a toothbrush with baking soda and vinegar, but holding a sponge on top of the tracks and cutting slits in it where the tracks run is a great way to use the sponge to clean it.

Cleaning The Windows Sashes

The sashes are pretty much tracks but for your glass panels to move up and down, these can get pretty dirty as well. Using a soft sponge or brush with some cleaning spray will help you clean these areas the best. Using a toothbrush to get into areas that are hard to reach is a great way to really deep clean your windows sashes.

Cleaning Your Windows Screen

The screen on your window can get pretty dirty with dust, bugs, and other elements. Cleaning the screen will require you to remove it from your window and put it on a flat surface, then using the same technique as cleaning your window panels, you’ll just want to scrub very gently as you don’t want to damage the screening at all as one hole can allow bugs and other debris particles to come in through the screen if your window is open. So be sure that you’re gentle and careful of your windows screens when cleaning them.

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Cleaning Your Windows Hardware

Hardware on your window can become old and dirty, leading to hardware failure. This can be prevented by cleaning the hardware on your window such as the lock, keeping it clean can be done simply by applying a cleaner and scrubbing it down. Applying some grease can be helpful to prevent jamming in the future.

Don’t Forget To Inspect Regularly

Windows are often neglected due to them not requiring as much maintenance as other things on your home, however they should be respected equally when it comes to the maintenance side of things. Cleaning your windows regularly can help prevent a lot of issues from occurring, but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever show up. Inspecting your windows regularly will help you find issues before they become worsening and potentially make you have to replace your windows.

Inspecting for moisture, water damage, rotting wood, and deteriorating sealant will help determine if your windows are in good shape or not. If they’re having any of these issues, then it’s best to have a professional come out to repair or replace your window, depending on the damages that’s been done to it. For a free quote on replacement windows or window repair in your home be sure to call the experts at Home Pros Plymouth today at (734) 548-9911.