December 5, 2022

Mistakes That Can Make Even Your New Roof in Canton Michigan Leak

Getting a new roof installed on your home is a great way to add value and curb appeal to your home. Not to mention that a new roof installation in Canton Michigan can also give you peace of mind that everything is protected for many years to come and that you won’t need to worry about your roof. But there are some cases when home owners get a new roof installed and the roof ends up leaking just a short time after. A problem that you may face if you use low budget roofing contractors to install your new roof.

Mistakes That Can Make Even Your New Roof in Canton Michigan Leak

A new roof for an average sized home in Canton Michigan is not an inexpensive project. In fact, the average new roof cost can be thousands of dollars. In order to save money some home owners try to get low budget roofers to install the roof. While the costs may be lower they typically end up leaving something or even a few things out that should have been installed. This usually ends up causing the roof to fail sooner or later and sometimes it only lasts weeks or months.

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New Drip Edge Should Be Installed

The edge of your roofing is very important. One component that is sometimes left out of a project is called the drip edge. The drip edge is typically made from metal and is installed at the very edge of the roof. As water starts to pour off your roof it can sometimes make it’s way back around to the edge of the shingles and then onto the fascia board. The drip edge is designed to stop this process and divert water away from the fascia boards. It has a small bend which makes the water drip off rather than get back to the fascia board. This is typically needed even when you have gutters installed.

New Roofing Boots and Seals Around Penetrations

The roof on your home isn’t just made up of roofing shingles. Instead there are a variety of products that combine together to make a roofing system. When one of these components fail it can lead to a roof leak on the home. Take a look at your roof and you’ll quickly realize there may be lots of things that are sticking up. All of these things need to be properly sealed so that they don’t leak when you get a new roof installed. Many of the vent pipes and plumbing pipes have a product called a roof boot which is made from plastic and rubber. To save money however some roofers will not use them and simply caulk around these pipes which does not hold up for many years.

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Fasteners According to Manufacturers Specifications

Another problem which can be huge when it comes to your roof is improper installation of the roofing shingles themselves. Roofing manufacturers have strict guidelines on how many fasteners or nails should be used in each shingle. They also require specific placements. When a roofing shingle is nailed wrong it can create divets in the shingles that don’t allow the shingles to seal properly to the one below it. That means the shingles are much more susceptible to wind damage. So even if you have a new roof installed it can be just as easily damaged as an old roof during a severe storm. What’s even worse is that improper installation may also void any type of warranty you may have on the roof.

Roof Ice Dam Protection

A problem in colder climates such as Michigan is roof ice dams. Ice can form on the eaves of the home and cause problems on the roof edge. Placing moisture barriers at the eaves can help to prevent roof ice dams and protect your home. However, if you use a low budget roofer they may not add this protection which can leave your home open to damages from a roof ice dam.

Use a Qualified Roofer to Install your New Roof

Instead of taking a risk on a roofer for your new roof it’s best to use a fully qualified roofer for the job. One of the best in Canton Michigan is Twelve Oaks Roofing. Contact them today by calling (248) 525-6950 for a free quote and roof inspection on your home.