May 25, 2022

Protect Your Home from Winter Roof Damage in Plymouth Michigan

Winter is a tough season for roofs. And in Plymouth Michigan, winter is just around the corner with ice, snow, and freezing temperatures. With all the wind and risks of normal storms any time of year, you add blisteringly cold conditions that put your roof through the wringer. Your roofing in Plymouth Michigan is tasked with helping to keep inside your home, holding the weight of snow and ice, and protecting you from the bitter cold. Follow these tips to help protect your home this upcoming winter.

Protect Your Home from Winter Roof Damage in Plymouth Michigan

Keeping your home in good condition no matter the weather outside is always the goal. But sometimes the exterior components of your home are put to the test. The most important component on the exterior of the home is the roof and it subsequently gets the biggest threat of weather. Freezing temperatures along with ice and snow can put your roof to the test and many times other items can come into play which can threaten your roof. From a falling tree branch weighted down by ice to a roof ice dam created at your roofs edge. These items are not problems with the roof itself but with other components which impact the roof. Understanding some of these threats can ensure your roof makes it through the winter and continues to protect your home. Here are some tips to ensure your roof is protected:

Protect Your Home from Winter Roof Damage in Plymouth Michigan

Keep your Attic Insulated

Your roof may be able to take the extreme temperatures fairly well, but fluctuations due to poor insulation can really wear the roof out quicker than you’d think. If the warm air inside is getting through your roof, then cold air can also get inside. This back and forth can really wear on the roofing materials. Add to that how ice dams can be formed from heated snow melting and refreezing, and poor insulation in your attic is worse than the winter weather itself!

Remove Excess Snow

Snow can literally weigh down your roof. This pressure can weaken your roof structure and cause underlying damage that is almost undetectable until something worse happens. Then you face far more extensive damage than you realized. Accumulated snow then will melt and can form ice dams if it refreezes near the roofline. This can damage your shingles and fascia as well as potentially be dangerous if chunks of ice break off and fall to the ground. Be careful when removing snow and ice from the roof, as dragging against the shingles with rakes or brooms may cause granule loss on the shingles.

Gutter Maintenance

You should regularly clear out your gutters. Debris constantly gets into them and causes clogs and blockages that can really damage your roof. When water cannot smoothly flow through your gutters, it can back up and pool on your roof. This can lead to a whole host of problems that are only exacerbated in colder temperatures. Improper gutter flow can lead to a condition known as a roof ice dam which ultimately ends up as a roof leak on your home.

Trim the Trees

Overhanging tree branches can become quite risky for your roof in the winter months. Not only can these scratch and hit your roof in the wind, but they also direct water to your roof, which can freeze and form ice dams if the temperatures are cold enough. With a strong enough storm, tree limbs can also break off and fall onto your roof, creating significant damage. If you trim these ahead of time, you greatly reduce these risks.

Regularly Scheduled Inspection of the Roof of Your Home

You should have your roof routinely inspected twice a year. It is best to do this before summer and right before winter as these two seasons are the extremes which wreak the most havoc on your roof. You should keep an eye on things from time to time year-round, but these two inspections are key to catching things early so that you can get repairs done before they are bad. Be sure to call a qualified roofing contractor to inspect the roof. One of the most reputable in Plymouth Michigan is Home Pros Plymouth. Call them today at 734-548-9911 to set up an appointment for your roof inspection before the height of winter gets here.