June 28, 2022

The Importance of a Timely Roof Inspection in Dearborn Michigan

Every homeowner knows the importance of maintenance and repairs to your home. But few choose to have a roof inspection in Dearborn Michigan done until something has already gone very wrong. If you are sick of only dealing with the problems, rather than working towards preventing them, it is time you started with getting a regular roof inspection in Dearborn Michigan. One of the most important areas of your home that need to be inspected is your roof.

The Importance of a Timely Roof Inspection in Dearborn Michigan

Roofing can last a long time. In fact, some of the roofing materials manufactured and installed today can last as much as 50 plus years. However, not all roofing materials will last that long and if there is a problem with the roof and you don’t properly maintain it, that time span can shrink rapidly. Getting a regular roof inspection can identify problems on your roof and allow you a chance to remedy those problems before the roof actually fails.

Roof Inspection in Dearborn MI

What Is A Roof Inspection?

Roof inspections don’t just mean staring at your roof and seeing if you can spot anything from the ground. You need to get up close and personal with your roof, checking all around the roof covering for any signs of damage. If there are, the sub roof will also need to be checked in that area. Your gutters, chimney, and any skylights should also be checked for any possible issues.

Roof inspections also include your attic, looking for any signs of leaks where light, moisture or drafts are occurring. You have to look for pooling water, moisture damage, and even structural issues as well. A professional also needs to make sure your ventilation and insulation is where it needs to be for your specific home.

Why It Is So Important to Have Inspections Done on Your Roof?

Roof inspections are crucial because your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. While it is incredibly durable, the smallest issue can quickly become worse, spreading to other parts of your home. But because of how out of the way your roof is, most homeowners do not realize anything is wrong until the damage has spread and is now impacting the more common areas of your home. This can cost thousands to fully repair, and insurance companies may disclaim because you were not proactive enough in checking for damage in your roof and attic. That can mean you paying for everything out of your own pocket.

Damage from your roof, especially roof leaks also pose a major safety risk. Mold can form and spread, causing respiratory issues, allergies and skin irritation. Water getting into your home can come into contact with wiring, creating potential shock and fire hazards.  Moisture can also cause structural damage to your home, leading to warping, sagging, and even cave ins.

Who Should Do Your Roof Inspections?

A thorough inspection should be done by a certified roofing professional who knows what they should be looking out for. They know what things should and should not look like, and can better indicate the source of the issue. It is also much safer for a professional to do the inspection because they know how to walk on a roof and limit their risk of injuries or falling.

In between formal inspections, you can do your own basic inspection. This includes looking around your roof while cleaning gutters for any signs of issues. You can also look from the ground after storms or strong winds for any signs of missing parts. If you have access to your attic, you can also go in and look for any moisture or signs of leaks. This, however, is not to serve as a full inspection, but instead more of a mini inspection that is done in between the professional one.

When Should You Have Inspections Done?

You can do your own inspection whenever you want. But it is particularly helpful after storms or impacts. The professional inspection should be done either before winter starts, or once it is over. This is because winter takes a particularly hard toll on your roof. Inspections before winter will make sure you have a clean bill of health and helps you to avoid issues with your roof during winter. Inspections done after winter makes sure your roof made it through the season without any serious damage.

If you need a roof inspection on your Dearborn Michigan home be sure to call the experts at Roofing Dearborn today. They are fully experienced and qualified. Call them today at (313) 209-6350 to schedule an appointment for your roof inspection.