May 25, 2022

Tips for Getting a Basement Remodel in Downriver Michigan

For home owners who have a basement usually the first thing that they consider remodeling in their home is the basement. After all, for most homes it’s not really utilized to get the most functionality from it. And adding a theater room or man cave can certainly be something to look forward to. There are some problems that you will need to consider when getting a basement remodel in Downriver Michigan however. In this article I’ll go over some of the common problems that you’ll face with a basement remodel in Downriver MI and what you can do to avoid them so that you get the best remodel project possible for your home. 

Tips for Getting a Basement Remodel in Downriver Michigan

Although most home improvement contractors will likely bring most of these problems up during the initial consultation it’s important that you understand each of these problems and what you can do to avoid them. Many of the problems listed here will apply to almost every home that has a basement in the Downriver Michigan area and knowing these problems beforehand can help you better plan your entire basement remodel project and save you some money as well.


The Basement Must Have an Egress Window

Many people never consider the problem of the home catching on fire and needing a way out of the basement. One way that you can have a way out is to install an egress window in the basement. This isn’t just a good idea but it’s also the law. If you remodel the basement in your home you must install an egress window in case something goes wrong and you need to escape the basement. Egress windows can add some light into the basement however and are really a good idea to have.

Bathrooms Can Be Problematic in the Basement

Having a bathroom in the basement can be a good idea but sometimes it will require lots of extra work. It will mainly depend on where your drain lines are located and just where they are in relation to where you want to install the bathroom. Basically, if you need to place a bathroom below the drain you’ll need to install specialized equipment to deal with this drainage. For homes that already have a washer installed in the basement you may not have this problem. Only a professional plumber can give you the best way to move forward with a bathroom in the basement.

Be Weary of Moisture Problems in the Basement

With many homes the basement can sometimes get water in it. While it’s not really a problem when there is not finished floors and such in the basement, when the basement is completely remodeled just a small amount of moisture can cause a problem. That means that all the walls and floors will need to have water proofing so that moisture will not make it’s way into the basement. You may also need to add landscaping so that water is diverted away from the home and doesn’t run into the basement.

Lower Ceilings in the Basement

Most basements don’t have a high ceilings and can be even lower in places where there are plumbing pipes and such. This means that adding lots of stuff to the flooring such as padding and laminate flooring can make it that much lower. You may also want to consider this when determining what type of room you’ll be adding. For instance, if your ceiling is too low you may have difficulty creating a home theater room especially with a larger television set.

Heating and Cooling the Basement

Often the heating and cooling of the basement is overlooked because people simply don’t spend that much time in the basement. Sometimes home owners will need to add separate systems to heat or cool the basement and work on their own thermostat which is great if you don’t plan on using the room much.

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