December 5, 2022

Tips to Choose the Best Color for Vinyl Siding in Trenton Michigan

The question of just what color you choose for your vinyl siding in Trenton Michigan is an important one. It is a huge decision to choose a house’s outside color, and that is because it is something that will be around for years to come and can’t be redone as only or not as costly as a bedroom or bathroom. There are a lot of factors that a homeowner must look over before deciding, but none are as important as is the style and architecture of the home, colors must be made to reflect that of the neighborhood and region.

Tips to Choose the Best Color for Vinyl Siding in Trenton Michigan

One of the most natural places to start for coming up with a specific exterior color has to do with the colors that are already a reality in the roof, masonry, and any other crucial architectural accents.

Tips to Choose the Best Color for Vinyl Siding in Trenton Michigan

  • One style that stands out and is unique is the Craftsman style. The Craftsman style came about in the early 20th century and was popular during the Arts and Crafts period. The description of the Craftsman style is all about being a low-pitched type of roof that has tapered square pillars. These tapered square pillars are what does frame a recessed porch and entry. Handcrafted wood and natural stone are what is present a lot both inside and out. Homes that are of the Craftsman style are at their most beautiful when the primary color of the house contains mixed materials. It doesn’t matter if these diverse materials are a shade of taupe, graphite, or forest in appearance.
  • Another type of style that is immensely popular are those of the Spanish-style home variety. These are homes that are very popular in the west and southwest area. They are known for possessing stucco exteriors, tile roofs, and arched passageways and windows. When you preserve this style, it means choosing a lighter shade of cream that is pale in the description and has subtle undertones that are yellow, brown, gray, or have a hint of olive. Here are some neutral colors to look at up close.
  • Tudors are known for having a high-pitched type of roof, a recessed entryway, and chimneys that are made of stone or brick or accents. The trim or primary color on them is something that is traditionally a shade that is medium to dark brown. However, any earth tones will suffice in enhancing an Old English style.
  • If you have an elaborate Victorian-style home, it will demand a palette that is far more colorful to accent the architectural moldings that are intricate or gingerbread details. These kinds of dwellings invite anything that goes. There isn’t any right or wrong here if you decide to stick with three to five particular complementary hues. Feel free to look over these color combinations.
  • A classic colonial is often seen as being a clean, crisp white that has contrasting shutters of a deep shade of blue, green, or gray. It is considered to be the most effortless color combination of all. A bold color should be chosen for the front door. It doesn’t matter how neutral the rest of the home may be; the front door doesn’t need to be so. The front door should be painted a color that is fun and creates an entry that is welcoming and attractive.

Remember to think over the following factors when deciding on what your home’s exterior color will be.

  • You always want to make a timeless choice where your home’s exterior color is concerned. The decision should make to curb appeal and increase the resale value of the house itself. It should also be able to share something similar to other homes in your neighborhood.
  • Make sure to strongly emphasize the architectural details and windows with an accent that is complementary in color. Only choose colors that are related somehow.
  • Simpler homes require only about two colors. More elaborate homes can use up to five different colors.
  • The style of your home is the thing that should be used as your ultimate guide.

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