December 5, 2022

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter in Plymouth Michigan

Prepping your home for the winter weather isn’t on the top of anyone’s to do list, nor do we find it very fun or entertaining. It’s a necessary task that really does pay off in the long run when you move into spring without winter damage to your home and roof. If you forego these preparations, you can risk significant damage from the harsh winter weather and icy conditions. Here are some projects you should consider for home improvement in Plymouth Michigan and why they are so important during colder weather.

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter in Plymouth Michigan

The way you avoid all of this is by being proactive and taking steps to winter-proof your house. Not only will doing the things on this list help to protect your home and family this winter, but it will help to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable through the chilly winter months.

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter in Plymouth Michigan

Window Insulation

You could be aware of this but winter drafts through your windows can really rake up the energy costs you see each month. Your windows could have leaks that cause this, making you pay more than you need to and making your home chilly when it ought to be warm and cozy. Reducing the drafts in your home can lower your annual energy costs by 20%!

Keeping your windows well insulated is actually really simple. Here are just a few ways you can solve those drafty problems.

  1. V-Seal weather strips – These plastic strips can be added to the sides of your window sashes without affecting their functionality and you can seal any leaks! As an added bonus, these seals also work wonders on leaky doors.
  2. Rope caulk – Rope caulk is moldable and can be made to fit any noticeable gaps in your windows. What’s great is that it also can easily be taken off your windows after the winter if you want to try another option for truly repairing the cracks.
  3. Shrink film – You can seal up leaks with shrink wrap and double sided tape if you’re careful. Heat the wrap with a hair dryer and it seals tight to the glass, keeping the cold air out. Come springtime you can take the shrink wrap off and use a little rubbing alcohol to take the tape off cleanly.
  4. Nail Polish – You can fill cracks nearly invisibly if you’ve got a steady hand to paint on clear nail polish. Once the polish dries, it also stabilizes the glass so that you can wait for warmer weather to replace the broken panes.
  5. Draft Snake – If you notice your window draft is coming from the bottom of your windows, you can buy a foam draft snake kit. This kit allows you to cut the foam and fabric to fit your window and seal the window gap and keep the cold air out!

Trim Trees

Any nearby trees hold the potential to wear out areas on your home if their overhanging branches are able to touch and rub across your siding or roof. These spots will get worn down much quicker than other areas, potentially causing damages to occur. Overhanging limbs will also drip onto your roof, making it more susceptible to water damage in those areas.

Fireplace Inspection

You’ll want to take a good look at your fireplace both inside and out. This will help you to decide if your fireplace is healthy and safe for the burning season. Make sure your chimney cap is in good shape, that there isn’t a birds nest or debris in your fireplace, that you don’t have trees overhanding your chimney, and that you don’t have damage to your chimney. You also should make sure that your fireplace inside is in great shape and not damaged or full of debris.

Check your Roof

You won’t want to see if your roof is leaking once you see a leak coming through! To prevent this, you want to conduct regular roof inspections and catch any damages before they are made worse or before the winter weather hits. If you find you need repairs done, contact a contractor as soon as possible to get those areas fixed before the cold of winter is upon you.

Keep your Gutters Clean

If you have clogged gutters and downspouts, you risk pretty significant damages to your roof. Debris stuck in the gutters can lead to water standing in them and weighing them down, straining your roof. Also, water can back up and stand on your roof, possibly causing water damage.

If you’re concerned about some of your home’s components be sure to contact a fully qualified contractor in Plymouth Michigan. Home Pros Plymouth can help with your home improvement and remodeling projects. They offer free quotes and can even help with financing the project. call today at 734-548-9911 for more details and to discuss your home improvement project.