May 25, 2022

Top 8 Traits of the Best Roofing Contractors in Bloomfield Michigan

For most people, owning a house is not only their biggest investment but also their greatest achievement. Besides serving as a form of security, homes come with a sense of pride and belonging for you and your family. Considering both its material and sentimental value, it is crucial to ensure that your property is well maintained at all times.

Over time, your house will inevitably get damaged. One of the main areas of concern for most homeowners is the roof. If it gets damaged, it puts the house and your family at risk. This is why homeowners are not shy about investing in the maintenance and repair of their roofs. As a result, the $48 worth roofing market in the US continues to grow.

As the demand for roofing services increases, so is the number of roofing contractors. However, not all roofing companies offer quality services. This is why it is crucial to find the best roofing company when you need such services.

Even though all contractors are self-proclaimed champions of industry, only a few fit the bill. Read on to learn all about the qualities that make a roofing company the best and why you should always go for roofing contractors Bloomfield MI.

1.      They are Always Available

Every so often, you’ll get a visit from the door-to-door salesmen that offer roofing services. As usual, you will hurriedly turn them away with a polite ‘maybe next time.’ Once they’re gone, you casually place the business card they left and soon forget where it is.

But, when your roof finally begins leaking or requires some other form of repair, you begin the desperate search for the elusive business card. That might just be your lucky break. This is because, when dealing with roofing issues, it’s best to work with a local company.

Companies that offer such door-to-door services are not local. Whereas they may be available at the time to fix your roof, they may not be around to address any issues that crop up afterward. This is because their operational model involves moving from city to city. Once they leave Michigan, you will need to find roofing contractors Bloomfield MI. So, why not start with a local company?

The roof is an integral part of any building. When it’s damaged, other parts of the structure are also compromised. This is why it is important to have it fixed as soon as possible. However, even after repair, it’s common for other minor issues to arise. This is why you should hire Bloomfield MI roofers. They’ll be available when such problems arise.

2.      Your Friends and Family Know Them

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of hiring a local company, you’re still not much closer to finding the best roofing contractors in Bloomfield Michigan. You still have to sift through dozens of companies. One of the easiest ways to find reliable Bloomfield MI roofers is by seeking referrals from your family and friends.

There are high chances that someone within your circle has had a positive encounter with a roofing company. However, don’t just take their word for it. They may be the exception rather than the norm. This is why it is important to confirm that the company is keen on delivering exceptional services at all times.

Check their reviews on Google and ensure that they have at least four stars. It’s impossible to find a company without any negative reviews. One or two are not cause for alarm. However, you should read them carefully. This will give you an idea of what might have gone wrong and whether it is an issue you cannot afford to ignore.

Top 8 Traits of the Best Roofing Contractors in Bloomfield Michigan

3.      Years of Experience Under the Belt

The average cost of building a house in the US ranges from $166,147 to $482,863. A significant proportion of such expenses go to roofing. Therefore, when you need any work done on your roof, even if it seems straightforward, you want someone who knows what they’re doing. In this industry, there’s no substitute for experience.

Typically, the cost of repairing a roof is anywhere between $353 and $1,439. However, if the initial issue is not adequately addressed, more may arise later, significantly increasing the cost. Experience reduces the chances of such mistakes occurring and will make you feel more comfortable once the job is completed.

Ensure that your roofing contractors Bloomfield MI have years of experience. The best way to do this is by going to their website and checking their about page. Here you will find details of when the company was formed. If such information is not present, it’s likely because they do not have much experience.

4.      Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

After taking the previous steps, you’ll still find that you are left with two or more Bloomfield MI roofers to choose from. In this case, there’s only one cause of action to take, heading to the Better Business Bureau website.

The BBB is a nonprofit membership organization that is focused on advancing marketplace trust. It has 128 chapters across the US and Canada. On their website, you will find unbiased information on the trustworthiness of over 3 million organizations. The best roofing contractors in Bloomfield Michigan ensure that they meet the BBBs accreditation standards.

Once you find a company on the BBB website, you will have access to their customer reviews and complaints. Choose a company that has a few complaints and a minimum of four stars.

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5.      Licensed

As with all businesses, it is vital to get the necessary licensing before a contractor can begin taking on commercial projects. It is especially essential for roofing contractors as it proves that they have the required expertise to take on roofing projects. It also shows that they are aware of all the latest roofing practices or requirements in your state.

Unfortunately, some contractors may attempt to get work without the necessary licensing. As the property owner, this puts you at risk as you cannot be sure of the quality of work to expect or whether it meets state guidelines. Ask whether they are licensed and request to see the copy.

6.      They’re Insured

Along with experience, ratings, and licensing, the other important consideration when hiring Bloomfield MI roofers is whether they are insured. If you think this is not your concern, think again. Other than it being a legal requirement, things can, and often do, go wrong. The repairing project may end up causing more damage to the house or neighbors property, and at times accidents may result in injury or death.

If your roofing contractor is not insured, you may be liable if such an incident takes place. Roofing contractors Bloomfield Michigan are required to at least have general liability insurance. Before signing the contract, inquire about their insurance and request to see it. With an experienced and insured roofing company, this will not be an issue.

At times, your contractor may have to subcontract certain aspects of the project. If that’s the case, ensure that all subcontractors are also licensed and insured.

7.      They Have a Straightforward Policy for Unsatisfied Customers

One of the most telling traits of the best roofing contractors in Bloomfield Michigan, is prioritizing customer satisfaction. For them, it’s not just about collecting the next check but leaving your roof as good as new. Even still, the best can, at times, make mistakes. However, what’s important is how they handle any issues that pop up once the project is over.

This is why reputable roofing companies not only promise customer satisfaction but have a well laid out policy for handling complaints. Ask them about their process of dealing with unsatisfied customers. If they have one, the response will be clear, concise, and reassuring.

8.      Professionalism

One factor that is easily overlooked and can be very costly in such a project is professionalism. Even if a contractor checks all the previous boxes, you are better off continuing your search if they are unprofessional.

Go back to your first interaction and consider the following:

  • How they have handled themselves up to this point
  • Do they respond to your phone calls and emails in a suitable manner?
  • Is their communication clear, polite, and professional when responding to your queries?

Professionalism does not indicate roofing expertise. However, it paints a clear picture of the type of service to expect. More importantly, it tells you how well you can work together. Even if you are not on the roof hammering nails, you need a contractor you can work with well.

This will ensure that any challenges or problems that arise during the projects can be addressed swiftly.

Give Your House the Care it Deserves

When it comes to roof repairs, any damage that’s not fixed correctly always results in more damage and greater costs. This is why the southeast Michigan roofing contractor you hire must be dedicated to delivering the best results.

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