October 5, 2022

Warning Signs That Your Roof in Canton Michigan Is Failing

If your home’s roof is failing, how can you tell? Well, there’s plenty of ways that the roof of your home will show you signs of failure, but you’ll need to look for them usually. So, if you suspect that your home’s roof in Canton Michigan is beginning to fail, then be sure to do a roofing inspection and look for problems that could potentially mean your roof is on the verge of failing. Roof’s play a huge role in keeping our home’s safe and secure, so whenever problems occur, we as homeowners will either work fast to correct the problem or neglect the problem. It’s never a good idea to neglect any type of problem that your home’s roof is having, no matter what.

Warning Signs That Your Roof in Canton Michigan Is Failing

Figuring out if your home’s roof is failing or not isn’t the hardest task, while it can get a bit stubborn sometimes trying to find problems, it’s definitely not as bad as you’d think. Whenever you know what to look for, then you’ll find that figuring out what’s wrong with your home’s roof isn’t hard to do. While inspecting your home’s roof, be sure to look out for these warning signs that your roof may be failing and if you notice any of the signs, be sure to contact a professional roofing company to correct the problems.

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Brown Streaks On Your Ceiling

This is a problem many can find without having to climb on top of their home’s roof. If you notice any brown streaks on your ceiling, then it means that your home’s roof has a roof leak. This can be a tough problem as water reaches your ceiling all the way from your home’s roof, so the leak has been present for far too long. So, if you notice that your ceiling has brown streaks then quickly contact a professional roofing contractor to repair your roof.

Sagging Areas On Your Home’s Roof

Do you notice any sagging areas on your home’s roof? If you do, then you definitely have a problem that needs to be repaired quickly as it could be unsafe due to collapsing. Sagging areas on a roof can mean a few different things, it could be due to old age, too much weight on your roof’s foundation, or the foundation has begun to rot and give out. Regardless of the problem, you should contact a professional roofing company to inspect it thoroughly.

Missing Shingles From Your Roof

Looking at your home’s roof, do you notice any shingles that appear to be missing? If you do, then you could face other problems such as roof leaks or rotting foundation without the shingles there. Shingles prevent moisture from seeping into your home’s roof, so if it becomes missing then you could face some serious damage from elements. One or two missing shingles usually just need to be repaired, however if you notice a lot of shingles missing, especially after a windstorm, then you could have a weak roof due to age and may need to consider a roof replacement.

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Your Home’s Roof Is Old

An old roof can start showing constant problems due to it becoming weak, so if you notice problems that keep appearing, then consider looking at the age of your home’s roof and ensure that it’s not over 20 years old. If it is, then it could be time for a roof replacement to happen as age can weaken your home’s roof and allow problems to show more commonly than a strong healthy roofing system.

Damaged Roof Flashing

Flashing that’s been damaged can cause a roof leak quickly, so it’s important to ensure that the flashing on your home’s roof is healthy and not having problems. Look for signs of rust, corrosion, shifting, or broken sealant. If you notice any of those, then you may need to have your flashing replaced to ensure water doesn’t seep in.

Have you noticed the roof of your home is having problems? If you have, then it’s going to be in your best interest to contact a professional roofing company to come out and repair any problem that you have found. If you choose to neglect the problems you’ve found, you could spend a lot more in the future. One of the best roofers in Canton Michigan is Twelve Oaks Roofing. They have many years of experience and fully licensed and insured. Call them today at (248) 525-6950 for a free quote on your roofing service needs in Canton Michigan.