December 5, 2022

What Should You Do if You Have a Leaking Water Heater in Ann Arbor Michigan

Taking care of your water heater and properly maintaining it can help it last a long time. But while water heaters are static and don’t have many moving parts, they will eventually fail and when they do it’s usually starts with a water leak. A leaking water heater can be a problem with the water heater itself or the water connections on the heater. Determining what you should do it your water heater has a leak is usually determined by what type of leak it is. Here are some steps that you should take if you have a leaking water heater in Ann Arbor Michigan.

What Should You Do if You Have a Leaking Water Heater in Ann Arbor Michigan

Most water heater leaks start very small with a few drops of water here or there. While other times the problem is sudden and a massive leak happens. Usually when a sudden leak like that happens it’s because a pipe broke or burst. For smaller leaks it’s usually a component in the water heater starting to fail. In either case, knowing what to do when a water leak does happen can help to save money and damages to your home.

Water Heater Leaking Ann Arbor MI

When a water heater starts to leak it not only causes water damage to the home but over time it can also cause other problems. The biggest problem is mold in the home if the leak is not found in time. Another problem is that the energy efficiency of the water heater will fall. As the insulation in the water heater gets saturated with water it can fall down and not properly insulate the tank any more. Even when the water leak has stopped it can also still have this problem. So here’s what you should do if you have a water leak from your water heater.

Turn Off the Water Supply

In order to stop the water from leaking the first thing you’ll need to do is turn off the water supply to the water heater. Most water heater installations will have a valve located on top of the water heater which controls the water entering the water heater. Simply turn these water supply valves off to turn off the water. If the water tank itself is leaking then the leak may not stop just by turning the water off. Since the tank is full of water the tank will leak until all this water is gone. Although it may slow down considerably once the pressure is no longer on the tank.

Leaking Water Heater in Ann Arbor Michigan

Turn Off the Power Supply

If you turn off the water supply going to the water heater it’s also best to turn off the power as well. Locate the circuit breakers which control the water heater in your electrical panel and switch them off. If you don’t turn off the power to the water heater and it does not have water in the tank it can cause the heating elements to burn out and need to be replaced.

Determine Where the Leak Actually Is

After you’ve turned off the water and power it’s a good idea to determine where the water is coming from. For some water heaters it can be obvious where the water is coming from but it’s also a good idea to check out the connections on the water heater as well. Water supply pipes and such can also leak which can seem like the water heater is leaking when it’s actually just a bad connection. In either case, it’s always best to call a qualified plumber for repairs or service to the water heater or connecting water supply lines.

Call a Plumber for Water Heater Service

Call a Plumber for Water Heater Service

While most water heaters are basic and have limited components, it’s not designed for persons without technical knowledge. In fact, water heater repair or service should only be done by qualified persons as it can be dangerous. Improper repairs can result in injuries and damage to your home. Some components on your water heater are designed for safety and if removed can pose a significant safety risk. Always use a properly qualified plumbing professional such as A2 Plumbers. Call them at (734) 291-0258 for water heater repair or service in Ann Arbor Michigan.