December 5, 2022

When Shower Drains Don’t Drain Call a Plumber in Downriver Michigan

Drains do two things: drain and clog. One of which is guaranteed to happen, and it isn’t ‘drain’. Your shower drain can be clogged with oils, debris, and hair. You should always be mindful of what goes down your shower drain. Unlike your kitchen drain, it may not be as simple as a plumber popping the p-trap and removing thanksgiving dinner to unclog the situation. When you have a clogged drain in Downriver Michigan there are some things you can do before you call a plumber out to your home which we’ll go over here.

When Shower Drains Don’t Drain Call a Plumber in Downriver Michigan

While it may seem like a minor inconvenience when you have a drain clogged it can quickly turn into a frustrating situation that can make everything an inconvenience to you. Drains get clogged from time to time and sometimes getting them unclogged just take a few tips while other times you’ll need to call out a licensed and qualified plumber to get the drain back flowing again. If you have a clogged drain at your home be sure to follow these tips to help get things flowing again.

When Shower Drains Don’t Drain Call a Plumber in Downriver Michigan

There are several methods at your disposal to unclogging a drain yourself. If you have the stomach for it, go ahead and give these a try.

Just Grab It

  • Sometimes you can be lucky enough to see the issue on the top and can simply grab it. Like a clump of hair that needs to be pulled up with the rest in tow.

Hand Plunge Technique


  • Plungers are more amazing than they are generally given credit for. You can use a regular old plunger to plunge your shower drain. Plunge it for a while and then test it by running the shower.


  • Maybe the obstruction is just beyond your fingertips and a set of needle-nose pliers will do the trick.


  • Find a sturdy wire like an old fashioned metal hanger. Use this to create a small makeshift hook that can be used to drag debris to the top of the drain.

Hot Water

  • Fill a coffee pot up with really hot water and pour it directly into your drain. If the obstruction is some sort of oil or soap build up, this may do the trick. Be very careful as you can burn yourself easily. Simple coffee pot water should work. Boiling or very hot water may cause parts to crack due to rapid heat increases and should be avoided.

Chemical Route

Household Items

  • From baking soda to vinegar, there are many things in your home that can be used to unclog your shower drain. Some natural, some more on the chemical side but all might work.


  • Hand-snakes are professional plumbing tools that can be bought in many retail stores. They are simple to use and effective. Professional plumbers tend to have advanced mechanical versions of these that have to be pulled around on wheels, but they will swear by them for good reason. Before buying expensive tools which may or may not work on your drain it may be better to call a professional plumber to help.

It May Be More Serious

  • Drains backing up can be signs of bigger problems like damaged sewage and drainage systems. If you have tried many of these methods above and still cannot get the shower drain to work properly it is probably time to call a professional.

Pick Up The Phone

There is no denying that plumbers are not cheap. However, any plumber can give you at least three stories of people who would have saved thousands if they had just called a little sooner. If you have tried and checked out everything you could think of to get your drain working, pick up the phone. If you have any questions about shower drains or plumbing general, please call Downriver Plumbers at 734-548-9925 today.