January 15, 2021

Winter Roof and Shingle Damage in Downriver Michigan

Winter weather can do a number on your roof, In places such as Downriver Michigan, wet winter-time can be brutal, and can put a giant strain on shingle roofing in Downriver Michigan. A lot of issues can creep up if a person doesn’t pay attention. If these issues aren’t adequately addressed, they may end up leading to costly repairs when Spring rolls around.

Winter Roof and Shingle Damage in Downriver Michigan

Today is the day, we’re going to discuss two of the most common of winter-type problems for residential roofing and how you can prevent your home from suffering expensive and large roofing repairs.

Winter Roof & Shingle Damage in Downriver Michigan: How To Stop Ice Dams And Roof Leaks From Happening?

Winter Roof and Shingle Damage in Downriver Michigan

Problem 1 Are Ice Buildups

Ice buildups are something that can become a big problem with shingle roofing in Michigan. It is particularly true if your area is known for receiving lots of snowfall. Any fluctuating temperatures that are consistent with a Michigan winter have been known to cause ice to melt and then freeze back up on the surface of the roof. Any ice that accumulates on the edge of the room can form ice dams.

Ice dams are known for making a barrier that stops melted out snow from draining as it usually should through your gutter system. The sections of ice that do remain on the upper portions of the roof can be problematic for the very same reasons.

Three Prevention Tips For Ice Dams:

1. Ice dams can lead to damage of shingles and roof leak incidents. By clearing your roof thoroughly, and doing it safely, after a snowfall takes place will help to prevent ice dams from forming and protects shingles on roofs from facing weather-related damage.

2. Another proactive solution is to make sure that you have adequate insulation & ventilation systems are in place before winter comes. Proper ventilation for the attic of the home is affordable and keeps your roof at just the right temperature even when there are the coldest days of winter. It encourages ice to melt on its own without damaging anything on the roof.

3. Also, make sure that your home’s gutter system is in good shape before the first frost happens. XYZ Company has professionals that can provide you with a gutter inspection that is comprehensive. It should be a regular part of your fall roof inspection. Remember to get one scheduled.

Problem 2 Is Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are a common problem in roofing of all kinds. It includes shingled types too. The leakage in the flashing that is near chimneys and skylights are one of the most common of all areas that can sustain damage. Water damage is something that can impact not only one’s roof but also their home’s interior wall. It can easily be prevented though.

Other damage could include the cracking, bruising and blistering of the surface associated with roofing material. Storms that are aggressive could even cause you to lose any whole shingles from your roof. Any damage of this kind should be repaired to help keep the function and integrity of your roofing structure.

Three Prevention Tips for Roof Leaks:

1. To combat any possible water damage in your home, you should make any required repairs to your siding, windows, flashing or shingles in either the summer or autumn. Having a leaky roof can occur when the spring rainy season happens. When you fix minor issues during the dryer times of the year, such as fall and summer will help to hinder any more costly roofing repairs to be made later on.

2. You should schedule a before-winter roofing inspection to determine whether or not your home is ready for the cold and wet of winter conditions. Besides the typical external check of your roofing structure, your roofing inspector should also check ventilation, insulation, and for moisture levels and offer some appropriate steps to take to remedy any potential problems before winter does arrive.

3. When a big storm happens, clear your roof off of any snow as soon as possible, the second after a storm hits. Speedy but safe snow removal doesn’t give the precipitation a chance to melt and refreeze the roof over. Something that can assist in creating ice dams.

Do You Need A Reputable Shingle Roofing Contractor?

You must make sure to guard the integrity of your roof. It is crucial in helping to maintain your home’s value overall. The proper maintenance, along with inspections, is the thing before winter snow storms that can significantly extend the life of your roof.

If you’d like us to, we can come out and do an inspection to diagnose some problems or to evaluate the overall condition of your roof. Please do contact Downriver Roofers. We have been servicing residential and commercial customers in the local area and surrounding areas, we’ve been installing and repairing roofs since 1998.

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